Into the sun
Wednesday, 26th Jul 2006 
Jo climbs into the sun on The Blue Max at Dubh Loch.

This photo was originally orientated horizontally but a friend of mine pointed out how good it looked vertically. Cheating? Probably, yes but let's just call it artistic licence.

This is actually a serious issue with digital photography (and a bone of contention for some people). There are just so many ways you can "enhance" an image. From subtle changes in lighting to make it a fairer representation of what it looked like to the eye, to gross modifications or even combinations of various photos to make it a more striking image, perhaps one that didn't exist in the first place.

I have no problem with this just so long as people declare any major alterations that were done. I think it's an important distinction between photos reflecting real life and those trying to achieve a more artistic approach. Both are great but not necessarily comparable. :-)
Canon EOS 350D, 47mm, 1/500, f/14 -1/3, ISO 400
categories:    Rock Climbing  Summer  Abstract  Scotland  Sports