Friday, 16th Jun 2006 
Burial mound on Mingulay.

Well Pabbay and Mingulay were just stunning! It's an awesome location. Remote, wild, beautiful and absolutely teaming with wildlife. We camped on the East of both islands, near pristine sandy beaches and a turquoise sea. The West was a complete contrast, the island abruptly falls into the sea over towering sea cliffs. This was where all the climbing was. It's pretty exhilarating starting from a small ledge a few meters above the water but great fun. And on top of all that I got a fantastic tan!

It's all change this weekend. I'm off to the North West again but this time to do a mountain marathon call the LAMM:

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Canon EOS 350D, 82mm, 1/800s, f/13, ISO 200
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